Next Level Persuasion: How to sell anything to anyone and have them thank you for it.

Next Level Persuasion is a NLP sales book that teaches the tools and techniques from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in a sales environment.

Full of practical NLP sales techniques that can be applied immediately to any sales process, Next Level Persuasion helps sales people become more effective communicators, persuaders and influencers.

Learn how to apply the concepts from NLP to all aspects of the sales process, right from the initial opening and introduction through to ensuring the prospect signs on the dotted line.

About The Author

Dan Storey has been delivering NLP sales training for over 10 years, helping sales people from every industry reach more prospects, close more deals and earn more commissions. A master practitioner and trainer of NLP, Dan has discovered how to teach the essential techniques from NLP for sales people in a way that makes them immediately applicable.

Dan Storey has trained sales people across the world from industries such as Finance, Advertising & Marketing, SaaS Software, Insurance, Health & Fitness, Education and many more, and has included the key lessons from each industry into the content in Next Level Persuasion.

As well as developing sales people, Dan has taught hundreds of sales managers how to embed the techniques from Next Level Persuasion into their teams sales activities and how to coach their team to success using NLP.

In this book You Will Discover...

  • How to craft the perfect Opening

    The first impression is so important, so figuring out exactly what to say and how to say it when you find yourself in a sales situation is essential.

  • Connecting with any potential prospect

    Developing rapport is about so much more than matching and mirroring. If you don’t know how to create deep rapport, this section is for you.

  • Educating how to make the right purchase

    Prospects want options, but options reduce sales. Learn how to educate prospects to make the best purchasing decision be your product.

  • Motivating prospects to drive the purchase

    Without motivation, prospects will always want to think about it. Get your prospect excited and keen to buy from you immediately.

  • Signing and Committing to the deal

    Getting your prospect over the line, even when they are motivated, still has challenges. Learn how to get your prospect 100% committed.

  • Understanding your own Purpose

    Being a sales person is one of the greatest professions possible, but you have to know your WHY to ensure you stay motivated every day.

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